Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i know i have been slacking in the updates lately, i just haven't had anything new and exciting to talk about. the kids are all doing well as are the kids parents. i have decided that i will start bringing my laptop to work on fridays so that i can work on pictures while i am here... there's not a whole lot else to do on friday nights. that will hopefully encourage me to get more pictures off my camera and onto my blog. i am sure i will get no complaints from you! i guess that is really all i have for now... as i said, it has been a boring week.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ahhhh to be back on the night shift. as much as i like daylight, i like the relaxing feel of working nights. i still get to see the kids every afternoon before i go to work and i don't have to deal with all the people who work during the day. i like to stroll in after dinner, hang out and talk to the other 3 or 4 people that i work with on any given night. i find it nice to listen to the accents of the overseas people who call in at night (especially the ones from ireland and austrailia!). i can bring in things to work on (like tonight i will be sewing G's patches on his boy scout shirt). i can ramble in my blog and catch up on world events online. tonight we have a new president. i'm not really sold on the man yet, but i suppose i have to give him a chance. tomorrow, i will again get to do it all over. i can only hope that i will wake up and there will be less chaos amongst the kids.

Friday, January 16, 2009

my ears, my ears!!!
the kids have all learned to scream.
and they take turns.
G screams.
M screams.
CJ screams.
all day long...

i don't even think i could make that high pitched noise that emminates from within them.

they don't always scream just to play and see just how loud they can be. sometimes M will scream because CJ touches her. Sometimes CJ will scream because someone has a toy that he wants. G, well, he just likes to make noise.

since we have an age range of 18 months to 6 1/2 years... i fear i will be listening to these sweet noises for some time to come. i feel it is time to get earplugs....

Friday, January 9, 2009

i know it is a bit past christmas, but the kiddos did get to sit with santa at our company party and we finally got the picture... i had to sit in cause CJ was just not having it and was in tears at the prospect of sitting with a strange old man!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

so, as most of you know, kids go through phases and little mini obsessions as they are learning new things and discovering all the different things they can do with their bodies. an example would be that CJ right now has figured out that he and everyone else has a nose. he will point to everyone's nose as well as his own as if it is a little game he has discovered. he does this over and over for as long as it will entertain you.
M, on the other hand, has discovered that you smell with your nose. she asks to smell all kinds of things. sometimes it is normal stuff like food or flowers, but also pretty random stuff like pillows and toys.
last night the hubby had taken a shower, and as they always do the kids had managed to wander upstairs. it was about bedtime anyways so we didn't bother shoeing them back downstairs yet. he dropped his towel so he could put on some underwear and M (she likes pointing out body parts too) said "daddy, that's your butt!" to which he simply replied "yes it is." and then out of nowhere she asked "can i smell your butt?"
i nearly died laughing.