Monday, April 26, 2010

i have finished the quilts i started a while ago for baby Wyatt and Miss M. they are the same pattern of the two i did last year, i found that a pretty easy pattern to do and to add in themed novelty prints. so here they are...
we all went up to grand junction to visit family and relax this past weekend. it was nice to get out of the house and not worry about stuff for a few days. here's a few pics of the little ones playing outside... G was playing video games inside most of the weekend so i didn't get any new pictures of him. :(
i am starting a new quilt (
even a new pattern!) that i found a kit for while we were in grand junction. it should be a fairly easy pattern to make and i just love the animals... so much that i have 2 other patterns for that same animal fabric. grand junction has the best little quilting store, i just have to stop by every time we visit and look at all the stuff and i usually spend way more than i should. i just found on this last visit that they have an online store as well!! now i can shop there anytime i want to!!

and what is up with the snow??? isn't it almost May?!?!? cant believe i had to scrape off the windows this morning before i could drive to work! Ugh!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday G!! (better late than never!)

my oldest son is now 8! he actually turned 8 last week on the 14th, but we had his party this past weekend and he had a lot of fun! i was glad a few kids from school showed up to celebrate with him... school friends seem to be the least likely to show up to birthday parties and i know he would have been sad if no one showed up.
we had delicious transformer cupcakes made by yours truly... and he got some new toys, legos, a couple gift cards, and stuff for his DSi...

overall, it was a pretty fun day for all of us! i was certainly glad when it was all over though... i need a bigger house so i have room for people to come visit... there is just not a lot of room in the living/dining/kitchen area that we have now!

This weekend we will be traveling to Grand Junction... the hubby wants to play paintball with his friends and i just wanted to get away from the house for a weekend. should be nice and relaxing for all of us. i may even leave my laptop at home and just take a book or 2... imagine that!!!

in WoW news... i have rolled a Paladin in the SAN Bloggers Guild for the US. Actually i did several weeks ago, but i got to level 50 this last weekend! who knew i could actually get a paladin this high?? i have attempted several in the past, but never even got to level 20 before. i haven't been playing on my shaman much lately... i left one guild because of drama and have heard that they have pretty much fallen apart after that. then the guild i joined while not really even looking also disbanded. i may start looking for another guild after we get back... i am even considering a server change and maybe even a faction change. there are a few friends i have at work that play horde and that is looking better then ever. but who knows... i will think about that later. of course i am also open to suggestions if anyone is looking for a shaman... ;o)