Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

wow... i have been online a lot and not so much on my blog. the cataclysm release has sucked up much of my time. and to think, i was bored with the game there for a while and had not played for more than an hour at a time for nearly 6 months. well, i hit max level 2 days ago i think and i still have several zones to quest in. i am quite pleased with everything so far, i have been having loads of fun!
the kids have made it through the first half of the school year and so far all is well. i am still marginally sane and since we are about to bake cookies - i will certainly be better after a few of those! all of the Christmas shopping is done and soon the kids will get to open their one Christmas eve present. Santa should be in tonight about 10 or so and we shall drink some rum together... after all he has a long night ahead of him!
Merry Christmas!!!