Tuesday, June 23, 2009


as i was reading my moms blog i noticed she had a few pics of CJ just kinda crashing wherever he landed. i thought i would share a few of my own since he does this a lot.

here he is curled up under M...

passed out on the floor...

and sleeping under a couch cushion.

need a closer look???

how does he do this? no idea. but it is always a surprise to find him sleeping just anywhere. in fact, the only place he doesn't seem to want to sleep is bed. go figure!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

G, M, & CJ in May

wow, it has been a few weeks now, i guess i have been busy! we did get M's room finished and it looks really cute when it is all picked up and clean... the mirror isn't in yet, and i don't know where we will put it when it does come in... over the dresser will be too high for her for a while.

i managed to finish the two baby quilts and they turned out quite nice. i am now working on two more in the same pattern, one for my new nephew and one in pink for M. she wanted ponies on hers, and i found some farm yard material that has horses as well as cows, pigs, sheep and chickens... i think it will be cute.

the "bug" quilt for Amber's baby

the "robot" quilt for CJ

everything else has been going well. i do need to get G's room cleaned out so that i can sell that bedroom set on craigslist as well and then when those beds come in i will have somewhere to put them. i don't really know how CJ will take to sleeping in a different bed... i hope it goes well. the new position at work is going well. all the people in that department have been very friendly and helpful so far. i am still in training for a few more weeks, but so far it is all coming pretty easily.

yesterday, my mom & stepdad celebrated their 16th anniversary. considering they were together for about 9 years before they got married... that is like 25 years! we all went out to help them celebrate the occasion. it was a lot of fun. M & CJ got to spend the night out there as well. they sure do like grandma's house!