Monday, December 29, 2008

ahhhhh.... finally the madness is over!!! only 2 more days (not including today) until 2009!!! we're gonna make that a good year! i have been slacking in the exercise department, well, for a while now... so i know it is cliche, but im going to make that a priority this time around. i really would like to be able to go to the pool this summer and not want to cringe. i think i will start out lite... maybe a yoga class or something like that a few times a week. maybe if i ease into it, i wont give up so quickly. i do love to do yoga anyways.

i hope that it will snow again soon... M got some pretty pink snowpants and i am sure she would love to go play in them. i dont think she really cares if there is snow or not, i bet she would play in them either way.

i managed to use my days off to get some cleaning done around the house. it was a complete mess! but now all the laundry is caught up, i bagged and boxed up some stuff to donate... i even put in some of my (gasp!!) shoes!! i tend not to wear sneackers enough to have as many pairs as i do, so i figured that they would be more useful elsewhere. i am also starting to feel like there is just too much clutter about and i need to get it out!! i think the more stuff there is, the more i start to feel trapped by it all, so it is good for me to clean it out every once in a while.

i did manage to finish 3 of the 4 quilts... but to the future owner of the 4th one i have already apologized and she will be getting it soon. i will post pics as soon as i put new batteries in my camera... they ran out on christmas.

i hope that everyone has had a great holiday... the new year is just around the corner and i can't wait!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so, i am a little bit sad... i guess my brothers and sisters-in law are going to come down for the holidays tonight instead of next week. that being said, i am working odd hours right now and G has a pack meeting, so i guess i will have to miss all the fun. boo hoo. on the otherhand, it will be nice to be able to spend a nice quiet(er) christmas with my parents. i am thinking about even (gasp!!) cooking something to take over there. i guess we will see how much time i can manage in order to cook. maybe even bake! i think i managed to finish up all my shopping last night, and i have finished one more quilt. they seem to go pretty fast since i have the tops done, the rest is easy-peasey!
i thought i had more to say today... guess not. talk to ya later alligator!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

one down... i may just pull this off! the others should go much quicker as i had to spend all day saturday getting material and stuff... didn't leave me much time to work on the actual quilt that day.
of course we have stuff to do this weekend as well... i have yet to put up the tree... i may put that off until next weekend though since i need the floorspace to put the quilts together. i did get most of the envelopes addressed so cards should be on the way soon. i should be able to get the kids gifts wrapped this weekend. and maybe i can even get the stockings up. it's gonna be busy... i may need a nice cocktail to keep things interesting! lol

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

so, the official countdown to christmas has begun... i would like to go back a few weeks, i don't think i have enough time. i was sure there would be plenty of time to finish up gifts, but now i am not so sure. i have 4 quilts to finish... as that was my original goal... but i only have the tops of 3 done and the borders, backs and binding of none. that's right - NONE!!! boy an i going to be busy these next 3 weeks. i have all of my cards sitting very patiently on my counter waiting to be addressed and sent... who knows when i will do that. i had planned on putting a nice family update letter in each of them that just may not get done either. i remember a time, not too long ago - before i had children, that i would be all shopped out and ready for christmas before i even had my costume ready for halloween. those days are long gone now. i will be lucky this year if i am ready by christmas eve! i would like to put in a request early for next year... maybe we could all just relax in december 2009 and celebrate christmas in january 2010?? february?? oh well... hopefully i will be able to pull it off. if not, you will know because you will be getting your cards and gifts in january with a nice little note of my sincerest apologies.