Tuesday, May 26, 2009

in celebration of the holiday yesterday, i went shopping! well, i went to order all the new beds. the only one that we will be able to get until later in june will be M's... but hey, that was the plan anyways, right? so i should be able to pick that up on friday or saturday of this week as well as the dresser... i guess the mirror was backordered so she will get that later as well. i wasn't going to get the mirror for her at first, but since i was getting the other 2 pieces of the 3 piece set and the price to get all 3 was less... well, you do the math there. it just made sense.
we did end up going with the daybed since that is the one M wanted to get. we didnt get the trundle yet though, we will have to get that later. i like the dresser that this one has... if you see the one in the back it has baskets on the bottom shelf... totally cute! i am very excited to get this all set up for her. of course this also means i can no longer procastinate on all the other stuff i need to do. i am going to have to move the stuff that is currently in her room out and make room for it in the garage until i can get it sold on craigslist.

so that is what i will be working on this week... i have tomorrow before work and thursday to get it done... well, and friday if i need more time.

i have a lot more time for the boys room... i think the biggest hurdle with that one is actually going to have nothing to do with the furniture... it will be getting CJ to move out of our bed and into his own. that boy is spoiled!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so i am quilting again... i am working on a quilt for amber's baby. she had this baby in march and i was originally supposed to have it done before then. i am a bit behind. but no worries, this quilt is quite easy to put together. i have only worked on it for about 4 hours total and i already have the top pieced and all i need to do now is add the borders 'n such. it was so easy in fact that i think i may use the same pattern to make CJ a quilt with some trucks on it. he likes balls, trucks and dirt - definately a boy all around. i was going to go pick out some nice truck fabric today... but it got late and i had to run to work. oh well, i will do that this weekend.

i havent made a lot of progress on the cleaning and organizing that i need to do in order to get started on the kid's rooms, but since this is my "friday" at work, i hope to work on that some more tomorrow. i have to get the garage cleaned up before i can really move anything around because i have to have somewhere to put everything. although, i think i will be working on M's room first since she is here and since her current bed is the bottom bunk to the other bed. otherwise i have to do them all at once. that would be quite burdensome to say the least.

in other great news, i got a promotion at work. i will be moving to our tech support area here at work to work with all the morons, er... i mean customers that are having issues with their conference lines. it will definately be an interesting change. but of course the most important thing is that it will pay better. and since i am still the lone worker in our house, every little bit helps.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

well, it has only been a couple days since G went off to spend the summer with his dad, and though it has been quieter, i still miss him. i know he will have fun though and that is important. i hope to get working on the kids rooms soon so that they are in order by the time he returns. my plan is to get matching captains beds for the boys and a nice girly bed for M.

the bed i found for the boys room

i think that will work nicely since they will be sharing a room for a bit... the drawers underneath will take away the need for a separate dresser for a while (maybe for a long while). i haven't totally decided for M... there is a cute sleigh bed with a flower in the headboard and flower shaped knobs on the dresser at the same place... but i was also thinking we could go with a daybed and trundle in her room so when she is old enough to have a sleepover there will be a place for her little friend to sleep. this was kind of my intention with the bunk bed set that G has now... but after having to move that thing 2 times and the fact that is takes up an insane amount of room... i think i will never do the bunk bed thing again.

in doing all of this i will have to venture into the world of selling stuff either online or via garage sale in order to rid myself of their current bedroom furniture. i am sure this will be a stressful event for me as i have little patience for such things. on the other hand... i guess if i cant sell them, i can always call the folks that take donations and give them away. either way, it will be a task that i am not looking forward to.

i hope all the mother's out there had a wonderful day on sunday... i was stuck at work. boo hoo. but i did get to spend all day friday with G... we went out to lunch and skating with grandma and grandpa. M & CJ also got to skate a bit.. i think i will take them to a few classes this summer since they seemed to have fun. i also got to enjoy a lovely dinner with M & CJ after we took G to the airport on saturday.