Friday, March 20, 2009

so, i promised another update this week and here it is. i was all set to add in some pictures, but time is short in my life during the workweek and it just ran out.

G had his pack pinewood derby and did pretty good for a first timer. he managed to get the 1st place trophy for the tiger cubs (well, there was only one other tiger, but still...), and he was awarded "best roadster." he got 7th overall, which was very good, and his car will be entered in the district race since he was the fastest tiger. he has 2 more small things to do to get his tiger badge, so he should get that at the next pack meeting in april. and i have to plan a birthday party since he will be 7 next month. whew!

M still wont use the potty. i think maybe after we get back from grand junction next week i will just throw panties on her and keep changing her til she gets it. that worked for G in less than a week. i will be crossing my fingers.

CJ continues to pick on his sister. he has taken her woody and buzz dolls and claimed them for his own. i guess that is only fair since she did the same thing when those dolls belonged to G. i guess it really is true, what goes around comes around.

i am still coping with the aging factor. i plan on drinking all my worries away tomorrow night with some of my friends. LOL. i managed to get out of the house today and we all went to the mall. got some summer stuff for the kids... shirts, shorts, socks, sandals... nothing exciting. well, nothing all that exciting to me anyways, they were thrilled! i must say, i think M has actually grown though. i was sure she'd never outgrow a 2T and she officially has. 3T is still a bit baggy on her though. she has also gotten bigger feet!

spring cleaning will also be started next week. i am feeling awfully cluttered lately and just really need to go through all the stuff and sort through what we need and what we don't. i think i will be utilizing craigslist for some of the stuff to see if i can sell it, but i think for the most part we will be donating a lot of it. it would be nice to do a garage sale, but at this point i think that is just too much work. we will see though...

anyways, i probably won't really get a chance to update this again until we get back at the end of next week, so have a good spring break all!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

yes... it is my birthday. i am 31. ugh.

if you ever noticed my birthday ticker ... right over there on the right side of the page ... you will notice that i have stopped progression celebration of my birthday. so today, technically i am 31, but i celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday. again. i like to believe this keeps me young.

i will post more later this week... i promise.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so, it is getting close to my birthday. i usually don't do a whole lot for my birthday, and since it is on a tuesday this year that is unlikely to change. i have been pretty good about getting my lazy butt to the gym the last few weeks. i even found a pilates class i like to go to on thursday mornings. it is taught by this tiny little guy that has the same name as G. i am positive that if i keep going to his class that i will once again have a tight little middle... he gives a very good workout. it is only 45 minutes, but i can feel my core muscles working after about 3 minutes!

me 'n the hubby have decided that we are going to try doing a low-carb type diet since he is diabetic. i know that it will work for weight loss since i have done it before... and i figure that will help his blood-sugar at the same time.

the pinewood derby is this weekend for the cub scouts! G still has to finish his car. he has been doing better in school the last few weeks... i don't think we have had any calls! we decided to cut his hair as it was getting somewhat poofy and unruly. i was kinda tired so we buzzed it. he looks cute still though - he has a nice shaped head!

M is becoming quite a treat to be around (if you didn't catch the sarcasm in that statement, just know that it was there). she is quite determined to have things her way or no way at all. she pretty much refuses to potty train unless she is bribed (and even then she will just pretend to go potty by just sitting there for a few minutes and then saying she has gone). this is a huge source of frustration for me as she will be 4 (yes, i really said 4) in just a few months. i am convinced that she wants to be the baby still and probably wont really try to potty until we get CJ started. the good news here is that he will take off his own diaper when it gets uncomfortable, so he may not be too far off from starting!

CJ has also started talking. i know a lot of other people's babies start much sooner, but my babies seem to put off talking until it is absolutely necessary. they are practically (but not totally) speechless until they are about 2, at which time they begin to talk and never stop. being that CJ is not 2 for another 4 months... he is way ahead of the curve with his 10 words or so!

guess that's all for now...