Sunday, March 20, 2011

so... i'm 33 now. the party was fun, though the bar scene is just not the same as it used to be. i would rather just hang out at home or a friend's house any day.

so, both G & M got awards the other day at school for their writing skills. to anyone else this would be great news. but to me, this is just a sign of trouble. you see, i was reminded of my own writing skills in high school and how they landed me in the principal's office. maybe i will just have to teach them discretion as well...

in wow news, i have made a goblin shaman and i made my hunter into a blood elf and i have been playing the other side for a bit. i am up to level 83 on both and have really been having fun. i rolled on a PvE server, so the loss of world PvP has made it a bit quicker to level. i have also been leveling enhancement which is a completely new spec for me. i like it a lot so far, but it really is a lot different being right up in the action. the goblin totems are by far the most awesome of all the shamans.

not much else going on lately... just life i guess.