Sunday, June 26, 2011

the camping trip

we went camping last weekend and we had a good time. we arrived at the camping spot about 11ish at night so the kids were ready to go to bed almost right away (they did wake up for a little bit and we had to set up the tent still). after less sleep than i should have had we all got up the next morning. the kids were ready to start fishing right away. with the assistance of grandma C, they both managed to catch a fish. i didn't do much the first day, just mostly relaxing...
the next day was about the same in the morning... just relaxing and such and then my brother in law decided that we should go for a nice afternoon hike. i should have known better when i asked where we were headed and he just pointed up. there was no trail, or even really a plan, we just got some water and went. a couple hours later we had managed to get to the acceptable top (the original top we could now see and it looked a lot more difficult than the original assessment). and there were rain clouds headed our way and we were completely unprepared for pretty much anything that may have happened (my scout leaders from when i was a kid would have been sooooo disappointed!). we headed back down and minus some scrapes on our legs from the brush, we were in pretty good rained a lot that evening and there was a lot of drinking and fun. the next day was just mellow again and we were getting ready to go so not a lot of action on this day for us. we had a good time and the kids slept for a decent chunk of the ride home.

now they wanna go camping again...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


it is finally summer!!! i really am getting tired of the cold in my old age!

all of the kids passed their classes and are moving on to the next grade. yay for them!! G will be in 4th grade (i can't believe this at all) amd M will be moving on to 1st grade. CJ will get another year of preschool which he absolutely loved this year and i am sure he will again next year as well. G has decided that he wouls like to play the violin next year in the orchestra. i tihnk i am going to invest in a nice pair of earplugs... i remember when i was a kid and my younger brother would play the violin. beginning strings instruments is not pretty!G went to visit his dad for the summer in hawaii again this year, but before he left we had a nice weekend of fun. we played at the park, had ice cream, went to the movies and played in the fountain downtown. we had grandma and grandpa over for grilling and uncle david came by for the day as well. we will miss him, but he will be back soon enough.
M & CJ have lots of fun planned for the summer. they have both started swimming lessons and they have many field trips to go on this summer with day camp. we are also going camping a few times this summer!
it's gonna go by way too fast - i can already tell. and then it will be cold again and i will return to grumpy once again...