Sunday, April 26, 2009


OK... i may as well get the quilts pics i took up here too so i can get it out of the way...

these first 3 are variations of the log cabin pattern... i gave them all black/gray centers to keep the theme, and each was 2 toned for the same reason. i liked how they all turned out so different even though the pattern was the same. the funky looking squares was probably the most fun to put together. you should never make 3 log cabins at the same time though as it gets to be pretty monotonous.

this one was pretty simple... just a 3 bar rail fence. i liked how it turned out though... very "Americana."
these were all christmas presents though, so they have all been given to their new owners to enjoy. i am now starting on a baby quilt for another friend of mine.


well, i finally got around to moving some pictures off my camera! so here it goes...

G with his birthday cake.

M being silly at the birthday party.

CJ at the birthday party.

CJ the day after he got stitches... *cry* ... this was a few weeks ago & he is all healed up now. I will get more up later... i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and i gotta get the kids to bed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

so, i have been touched by the eco-friendly bug. i guess i have always had a little inkling toward trying to do my part to reduce my consumption... but i no longer feel that i am really doing enough. i am going to change that. i have already started using reusable shopping bags. pretty much bought a full supply of them as soon as they were made available at my local grocery store. i do occasionaly forget them, but i know that by using them that i am off to a good start. i also make sure to recycle soda cans. unfortunately, that is about all i do. if you notice at the bottom of my page now there is a plastic bag counter with an insanely huge number on it that just keeps going up. i hope that will be a reminder to the people who see my page that plastic bag consumption is out of control and at the very least, if you do use them to recycle them.

i found some really cool stuff at and and i think i am going to try some of it out. the most notable, in my opinion, are the little reusable snack and sandwich bags at the second site. i always hate using a baggie for some of the dumbest little things like tomatoes that i dont want to soggy-up my salad before i am ready to eat it. then, of course, washing a little plastic baggie is a lot of hassle so i end up throwing it away after just one use. these bags that they sell are machine & dishwasher safe! that pretty much makes it a no brainer for me - they took out the hassle! the other thing i am going to look into is more recycling options here locally. last time i looked into this it would have been a costly venture. i am hoping this time i will find different results.

in other news, G has turned 7 and we had a small party at the house for him. i even baked the cake! he got some new toys and books so i think he had a good day. he also got some money and decided to get a couple new video games. overall, i think he enjoyed it all.

the hubby and i have been working on our diet and i have managed to lose about 10 pounds!! he has also lost a few, though i am not really sure how much. my laptop is back from its second repair and i think this time it is fixed. that means i can start working on pictures again and finally get a few up here for everyone. hope all is well with everyone... i will attempt to get some pictures up this weekend... but no promises!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so, we got some good news today... the EEOC has sided with the hubby and decided that there was indeed discrimination involved in not letting him return to work when his doctor released him to go back. that was 2 years ago in june. it has been a really long wait for this. i am not really sure what comes next, he has told me it will involve a lot of paperwork though. blah. but whatever is in store for us now has got to be better than trying to survive on just my income. i know that he would like to go back to work also, as much as he has enjoyed staying home with the babies, i think some adult interaction will do him good. i guess all we can do now is hope that everything works out for the best from here!