Sunday, March 28, 2010

ok, i have finally gotten back to my blog and i have a pic of the new tattoo... now this is the day it was done and it isn't completely healed quite yet, but here it is:

also here is a picture of the kids on my birthday:

i was going to go visit a friend in denver, but they all got sick so me and the kids came home. we did stop by the Capitol building for G's Wolf badge requirement and took the tour there. and then we went to the Downtown Aquarium and saw all kinds of neat fish and the tigers and birds that they have there... sadly since that was not in the plan for the day, i did not have my camera and so i do not have any pictures to share...but it was still loads of fun. i was going to take them to Casa Bonita for dinner, but after the tour and the walk through the aquarium, they were all pretty pooped so we just ate on the way home.
then on saturday, we all went to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was a great movie!! I think the kids liked it too! ;o) then we hung out at home for the rest of the day. I did get to working on the quilt i started last year for my nephew... i finally got the top done and will be finishing it next weekend if all goes well so i can get it too him soon! I also crocheted a hat for my niece that i was going to send her for her birthday...several weeks ago... but i forgot to mail it and so i hope that she can use it next winter.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thoughts on a new tattoo

so... i think i want a new tattoo for my birthday... i have not gotten one in a few years and have been wanting one for a while... in honor of my birthday i was thinking of some sort of shamrock/clover... i like them anyways (i mean - look at the title of my blog, i call myself shamrockgirl on the internet!).
so here is the problem... there are just so many that i like ... i don't want to be COVERED in shamrocks, just one would be nice.

so here are a few that i like in general... let me know if you like any of them ... whatever i do end up getting probably wont be exactly like any of the linked pics, but just in general i want to narrow it down to a fun design...

this one has a cute ladybug

this one has Bat wings!!!

this one has sparkles - i would probably want stars instead...

here's a lucky pinup - i have always liked the idea of getting a pinup girl but couldn't ever find one i liked enough to do it

That is what i have found so far... it would be going on my calf i think... for those of you that know me - where Felix is, but on the other leg.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i am hoping for a good birthday this week. i have taken the day off work and my only real plan for the day is to go downtown to the irish pub and have a few beers and maybe some well advised lunch to go with it. I hardly ever go to this place on st. paddy's day because the line is always all the way down the block. makes a good case for another irish pub... but so far there really isnt another good one. i am hoping that since i will not be working that day, maybe there will not be such a line during the day and i can get in there and have a good time for a few hours or so. Other than that - life has been pretty slow this month and not a lot has happened. maybe i can cause birthday drama and blog about that later in the week... let's hope not though!