Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thoughts on a new tattoo

so... i think i want a new tattoo for my birthday... i have not gotten one in a few years and have been wanting one for a while... in honor of my birthday i was thinking of some sort of shamrock/clover... i like them anyways (i mean - look at the title of my blog, i call myself shamrockgirl on the internet!).
so here is the problem... there are just so many that i like ... i don't want to be COVERED in shamrocks, just one would be nice.

so here are a few that i like in general... let me know if you like any of them ... whatever i do end up getting probably wont be exactly like any of the linked pics, but just in general i want to narrow it down to a fun design...

this one has a cute ladybug

this one has Bat wings!!!

this one has sparkles - i would probably want stars instead...

here's a lucky pinup - i have always liked the idea of getting a pinup girl but couldn't ever find one i liked enough to do it

That is what i have found so far... it would be going on my calf i think... for those of you that know me - where Felix is, but on the other leg.


Kimberly said...

I definitely like the first one the best.

And a very happy birthday to you!

Shamrockgirl said...

thanks! that is the one i (sorta) got... a little different, but i will post a pic soon!