Monday, July 5, 2010

we have had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks. last weekend we drove up to the summit. i had no idea that the hubby had never been up there, after all he has lived here for several years and we have gone fishing at the lakes on the peak several times. well, now he knows that i don't really like the drive up as i can see down the side of the mountain and apparently don't trust him enough not to drive off the side. he says if we ever go to the top again we are taking the train.
this weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival. i had many drinks and therefore didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few:
the kiddos had a lot of fun in the children's realm. it gave them some time to run off some energy since most of the day was spent chilling in the stroller. otherwise it is a lot of walking. we went with a bunch of people from my work and they all seemed to have a blast as well.
and finally yesterday, for the 4th, we went up to my good friend Amber's house. we got to relax, hang out and play games and her husband, Alex, made some great food on the grill. the kids were so worn out that they were asleep before we were even halfway home and they slept all night after that. it is always nice when i don't have to fight with them to go to bed.
this is one of Amber's daughters... isn't she adorable?!?!?

after all that, it is a blessing to have today off so that i can recover before i have to go back to work.