Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so, we got some good news today... the EEOC has sided with the hubby and decided that there was indeed discrimination involved in not letting him return to work when his doctor released him to go back. that was 2 years ago in june. it has been a really long wait for this. i am not really sure what comes next, he has told me it will involve a lot of paperwork though. blah. but whatever is in store for us now has got to be better than trying to survive on just my income. i know that he would like to go back to work also, as much as he has enjoyed staying home with the babies, i think some adult interaction will do him good. i guess all we can do now is hope that everything works out for the best from here!


Rachel said...

Thats great news!!! Keep us updated on how the rest of it goes.

Have a Happy Easter, we are thinking of you all.

Solitare said...

Glad to hear! I hope things continue to go well, keep us posted!

Happy Easter to all of you!