Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so i am quilting again... i am working on a quilt for amber's baby. she had this baby in march and i was originally supposed to have it done before then. i am a bit behind. but no worries, this quilt is quite easy to put together. i have only worked on it for about 4 hours total and i already have the top pieced and all i need to do now is add the borders 'n such. it was so easy in fact that i think i may use the same pattern to make CJ a quilt with some trucks on it. he likes balls, trucks and dirt - definately a boy all around. i was going to go pick out some nice truck fabric today... but it got late and i had to run to work. oh well, i will do that this weekend.

i havent made a lot of progress on the cleaning and organizing that i need to do in order to get started on the kid's rooms, but since this is my "friday" at work, i hope to work on that some more tomorrow. i have to get the garage cleaned up before i can really move anything around because i have to have somewhere to put everything. although, i think i will be working on M's room first since she is here and since her current bed is the bottom bunk to the other bed. otherwise i have to do them all at once. that would be quite burdensome to say the least.

in other great news, i got a promotion at work. i will be moving to our tech support area here at work to work with all the morons, er... i mean customers that are having issues with their conference lines. it will definately be an interesting change. but of course the most important thing is that it will pay better. and since i am still the lone worker in our house, every little bit helps.


Rachel said...

The beds are cute!!! Good luck on your organizing. I need to do this with C's stuff. I call it downsizing. lol

I hope you share the quilt with us on the blog.

CONGRATULATIONS on the promotion!!! Way to go!!!!

HUGS and LOVE to all!!!

susie said...

Yeah, you'll get it done. I can't wait to see the quilt. Wish I could quilt like you do!