Monday, December 29, 2008

ahhhhh.... finally the madness is over!!! only 2 more days (not including today) until 2009!!! we're gonna make that a good year! i have been slacking in the exercise department, well, for a while now... so i know it is cliche, but im going to make that a priority this time around. i really would like to be able to go to the pool this summer and not want to cringe. i think i will start out lite... maybe a yoga class or something like that a few times a week. maybe if i ease into it, i wont give up so quickly. i do love to do yoga anyways.

i hope that it will snow again soon... M got some pretty pink snowpants and i am sure she would love to go play in them. i dont think she really cares if there is snow or not, i bet she would play in them either way.

i managed to use my days off to get some cleaning done around the house. it was a complete mess! but now all the laundry is caught up, i bagged and boxed up some stuff to donate... i even put in some of my (gasp!!) shoes!! i tend not to wear sneackers enough to have as many pairs as i do, so i figured that they would be more useful elsewhere. i am also starting to feel like there is just too much clutter about and i need to get it out!! i think the more stuff there is, the more i start to feel trapped by it all, so it is good for me to clean it out every once in a while.

i did manage to finish 3 of the 4 quilts... but to the future owner of the 4th one i have already apologized and she will be getting it soon. i will post pics as soon as i put new batteries in my camera... they ran out on christmas.

i hope that everyone has had a great holiday... the new year is just around the corner and i can't wait!!


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susie said...

I can come by and we can go for a's free exercise!