Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so, i am a little bit sad... i guess my brothers and sisters-in law are going to come down for the holidays tonight instead of next week. that being said, i am working odd hours right now and G has a pack meeting, so i guess i will have to miss all the fun. boo hoo. on the otherhand, it will be nice to be able to spend a nice quiet(er) christmas with my parents. i am thinking about even (gasp!!) cooking something to take over there. i guess we will see how much time i can manage in order to cook. maybe even bake! i think i managed to finish up all my shopping last night, and i have finished one more quilt. they seem to go pretty fast since i have the tops done, the rest is easy-peasey!
i thought i had more to say today... guess not. talk to ya later alligator!!


Rachel said...

We are sad too!! Ed is working next week/Christmas and we couldn't come down any later than now :( Hopefully next year it will go smoother.

hugs and kisses to all of you!

susie said...

Hey, cooking is good! I tried snickerdoodles with splenda and self-rising flour.....what a disaster! Will try again with the right stuff.

Solitare said...

We are bummed we didn't get to see you too! Right now James is working on weekends though, so we will see when we can come visit again. You all are welcome to come up here too :) Good luck with the cooking, I am sure it will be great. Give the kids hugs from us!