Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday G!! (better late than never!)

my oldest son is now 8! he actually turned 8 last week on the 14th, but we had his party this past weekend and he had a lot of fun! i was glad a few kids from school showed up to celebrate with him... school friends seem to be the least likely to show up to birthday parties and i know he would have been sad if no one showed up.
we had delicious transformer cupcakes made by yours truly... and he got some new toys, legos, a couple gift cards, and stuff for his DSi...

overall, it was a pretty fun day for all of us! i was certainly glad when it was all over though... i need a bigger house so i have room for people to come visit... there is just not a lot of room in the living/dining/kitchen area that we have now!

This weekend we will be traveling to Grand Junction... the hubby wants to play paintball with his friends and i just wanted to get away from the house for a weekend. should be nice and relaxing for all of us. i may even leave my laptop at home and just take a book or 2... imagine that!!!

in WoW news... i have rolled a Paladin in the SAN Bloggers Guild for the US. Actually i did several weeks ago, but i got to level 50 this last weekend! who knew i could actually get a paladin this high?? i have attempted several in the past, but never even got to level 20 before. i haven't been playing on my shaman much lately... i left one guild because of drama and have heard that they have pretty much fallen apart after that. then the guild i joined while not really even looking also disbanded. i may start looking for another guild after we get back... i am even considering a server change and maybe even a faction change. there are a few friends i have at work that play horde and that is looking better then ever. but who knows... i will think about that later. of course i am also open to suggestions if anyone is looking for a shaman... ;o)


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday G!!!

It's gonna be great to see you all. You can always come to our house to check anything computer wise... ;-)

I think Ed's itching to show you the new house too (we still haven't moved yet)...

Shamrockgirl said...

can't wait to see the new house... and you guys too!