Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i know, i know... it has been too long. there hasn't really been a lot happening though, and my laptop is currently "on the fritz" which has prevented my previous plan to work on pictures to put in my blog for you all to see. G did have his blue & gold banquet last night which was fun. they arranged to have some star wars troopers (storm, clone, etc...) there for the boys to see and take pictures with. there were like 5 different ones and the boys - and unsurprisingly my hubby - were all very excited to see them. even M & CJ went over to see them. all in all, the evening was quite pleasant. G got another patch for the game things they did last month.

i have decided to take spring break off work this year, and since i work nights with only a few other people, there is no competition for the days off. i think every other place i have ever worked, it has been nearly impossible to get that time off unless you had been with the company for 10 years and had already given them your first born child. so, needless to say, it will be a nice change to have that week off work. i have not decided what i am going to do with the time, i don't know if we will be able to afford to go anywhere, but now that i know i will get that time, i will look into it some more.

and, after about a month of trying to fit it in, i have figured out that the only way i will be taking my happy butt to the gym is if i get it in right after i take G to school in the morning. i am absolutely too lazy to do this any other time of the day. in addition to my laziness, there are too many things at home to become distracted with later in the day, so this is my only option. i was talking with one of the other girls that i work with and this is the same time that she goes as she is in a similar situation with getting kids to school after she gets home in the morning. so, i am going to try that out this week and see how it works. while i am there this morning, i am going to get a class schedule and see if there are any classes at that time that i can maybe attend. i really need to stop coming up with excuses and get off my rear!

on another note, my taxes are almost complete (well, the only thing i need to do is file them). this as got to be the worst thing that i have to do every year, only because it has a deadline. i had a momentary "freak out" this year because the kids' birth certificates and social security cards were nowhere to be found! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! but i did find them. they were right where i had put them - which was not where i should have put them. bad me!

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