Sunday, July 19, 2009

CJ is 2 today! happy birthday baby!!!
we had his party yesterday because i had to work today. it was only us and grandma and grandpa and brandi. we still had fun. he got some new toys and books and i made cupcakes with Elmo on them. after the festivities M & CJ watched his new Elmo video and fell asleep on the sofa. seems they had a good day.

the birthday boy with his cake.
M posing for the camera.
me 'n brandi.

me 'n the hubby.

CJ with his pile of gifts.


Kimberly said...

1) I'm dying to see the Elmo cupcakes.

2) At least your little guy didn't fall asleep IN the sofa. Those pics from a few days ago cracked me up!

3) How do you balance all of that AND WoW? I'm in awe! :)

Shamrockgirl said...

@ Kim ... i dont think i actually took a picture of the cupcake itself... maybe if there is one left i will. Balance is the absolute last thing i would say i do, but mostly i play in the evenings when they are getting ready for and going to bed.