Saturday, September 18, 2010


as i suspected i could not stay away for long. after about 2 months i think i started twitching and i just felt lost without my virtual world. so i started playing again.

now, i certainly don't have the time to commit to playing all the time, and after all the springtime drama i was left guildless. not really wanting to apply anywhere i was happy to get an invite from a friend. i also got to go right into ICC with them and pretty much start off where i left.

it really is chilly where the Lich King resides...

i haven't really had time to focus on raiding since the kids went back to school. i have 2 in scouts and i am the den leader for one. time is just something i have virtually none of. but i have managed a few fun things. i finally went back and did all the quests in Shadowmoon Valley earning me the Outland quest achievement as that was the only area i had done nothing in. while there i finally did Netherwing as well. i have always loved the green one and now i have my own.

i also decided to get the Frenzyheart rep so that i could get the achievement for getting to exalted with both... after buying egg after egg and getting no mount, i decided to take a short break and i got the Frenzyheart Brew out of my very first jar with them. it took me longer to get exalted than to get the best drop from them! i am now back up to buying the eggs again and still no luck.

still playing on the Lich King platform... with my baby oracle conveniently on a leash

i have been working on Bloodsail rep also. i figure that since i want the Hyacinth Macaw and am gonna have to kill a shit ton of Bloodsail to get that to drop, i may as well get the pirate title first so that i have another reason to be killing them... to get my goblin rep back.

other than that i have been working on PvP and playing in many BGs. i used to hate BGs but for some reason i now love them. i cant think of a place i'd rather be in game. there is always something happening, no one is being a jack ass in vent, i get loads of thanks for healing, and we have been winning as well! what's not to love about all that?!?

in the mage tower after killing some dirty horde that decided to camp here and kill some of my buddies. i dont think they were expecting all of us...

oh... and i really suck at 1 on 1 PvP, so killing me is still pretty easy. but am getting better. one day i will be able to kill someone without using my Fire Elemental buddy.


Rachel said...

I say- you have to do what makes you happy.

Enjoy and good luck playing WoW :)

Shamrockgirl said...

Thanks Rachel! I do enjoy playing. It is a nice escape from everyday life.

Kimberly said... Although I never really quit. I still pop in for the occasional daily. I should get my poor Alliance shaman up to 80 before Cataclysm comes though.

Shamrockgirl said...

it is difficult to be motivated to do much... 4 hours to sit down and raid is a lot to ask when i have so much else to do. i am sure once Cata is out and winter keeps me inside i will be on a bit more than i am now.

Christine said...

Heya welcome back to wow! anyway just to get you updated, I quit for a month but I couldnt stay away either. but with that too I also updated my blog. please add me to your blogroll, my old site on is broken, so I moved all my topics in wordpress so my updated blog is hope to see you there! and Thanks!