Wednesday, October 15, 2008

well, i have been watching what i eat now for a few days, and sadly i haven't noticed much yet. i know it takes time and all, so i am willing to stick it out. at the very least, i am eating a more balanced variety of foods, and i am pretty sure that is a good thing...

the exercise has been hard to fit in though. i was going to try and do Yoga after i come home from work in the morning, but i have just been so tired that i have gone to bed. I will try harder to get at least a few days in next week (maybe as early as tomorrow morning...).

on another note, i found out yesterday that a woman i worked with at my last job died on saturday. i had heard that she was sick, but i really had no idea things were so bad. i will be going to her funeral service tomorrow evening. she was really an absolutely wonderful person to know. even though i hated going to work, she would always make me laugh. she always knew how to make the day go by in a more delightful way, and the days she was not at work just drug on to no end. i will certainly miss her dearly, i know she will go on to a better place.

i guess i will leave on that note...

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Rachel said...

Love the new blog look!!!!

You will find your rythm. Just believe that you can do it and you will.

Oh! Glad to hear you are quilting again. Can't wait to see what it looks like.