Sunday, October 12, 2008

well, i have decided to start quilting again. for those of you that know me, you know that my short break ended up being close to five years. yup, since then i have managed to get a job, get a divorce, get pregnant, go back to school, get pregnant again, get married, stop going to school again and change jobs. needless to say, it has been a while. i was a little worried that i would have forgotten how to do it (why i thought this, i don't really know) but i seem to be doing pretty good. i started out pretty simple, i managed to piece a rail fence throw size quilt last week and i really like how it turned out. i will post a pic as soon as i have it all finished. now i am working on a two-tone log cabin. i've only gotten my "test block" done at this point, but i think it looks great! i cant wait to get this one together.

i did forget how easy it was to get consumed in a fabric store... one of the colors in this quilt is purple, and since the last quilt i made before my "break" was a king size purple and green quilt, my stash of purple fabrics was a little low. almost non-existant to be more accurate. as a true scrap-quilting kinda gal, i am a sucker for fat quarters. they're just the right size for me to put a few pieces of each into so many different quilts. so, today i packed up the family and headed to the fabric store. i did manage to find four great purples to use in this quilt. of course i found a green, and a red, and a pink, and a blue, and a yellow, and a really great orange with little pumpkins on it - but not so over the top halloweeny that i couldn't put it into any quilt i wanted to. i could have stayed in there all day and admired all the beautiful patterns. they have a little lego table to keep the kids occupied, which only made it easier to take my time browsing. i looked at all the cute baby prints, the great fall colors, even the true halloween only prints. i almost forgot i had brought the kids with me until i heard them yelling (playfully - but still yelling) in the back of the store. so i got my 10 fat quarters and a new square ruler and i was on my way.

everytime i get new fabric, i have to take out a small square and put it aside. i need 800 squares to make the charm quilt that i have had planned for some time now. once i hit 800, i will cut them all in half, send half to my grandma, and we will both make the same quilt pattern. i wonder if they will look at all alike, who knows. after i add the 10 i got today, i will be up to 650 pieces. i think i have a few more in my cloth stash that are set aside until i cut out of them too. 800 is getting closer and closer all the time. i get excited everytime i think about it.

so, i will get back to cutting out my squares and then my "logs" for the cabin!!

tata for now!

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Solitare said...

I am excited to see your quilt! I remember you telling me about the charm quilt awhile ago (must have been when you were quilting a few years it sounds like such a neat idea. You are making me feel guilty for not knitting for the past year or two....maybe I will start up again.