Saturday, August 15, 2009

the last week of summer...

it is true... school starts next tuesday and the kiddos are all excited and stuff. i wanted to make the last week kinda special since we didn't really get to do a whole lot this year. so we started off in loveland for the weekend visiting james and solitare. we took the kids to the park and they played for a few hours there. CJ seems to like being dizzy as there was a thing there that you could spin on and he did not want to get off of it.

after that, we met the hubby in denver and headed off to grand junction. we got there about 8 or 9 and so the kids got to go to bed right away. on tuesday we went up to a place on grand mesa that the chipmunks are friendly and they will eat right out of your hand. the kids would have fed them all day if they could have. then we stopped for lunch and ice cream on the way back to town.

we decided to celebrate M's birthday on wednesday since that worked better for ed and rachel. we finally got to meet the baby and boy was he cute! all the other kids got to play in the little kiddie pool and also the sprinklers until dinner. after that they had cake and played until bedtime. it was a pretty long day for them but i am sure they would have stayed all night if we let them.

after coming home, we decided to have a picnic today and play at the park for a while. M got a kite for her birthday and G already has one so we thought we might try to fly them. unfortunately the breeze was not good at all and the kites did not fly. but we did get to play for about an hour and then the kids came home and packed to go to grandma and grandpa's for the night. after the last week... i needed a night off!


Rachel said...

We had so much fun! We are so happy you all made it up here and already we miss you guys.

Next time we will have to have a sleep over for the kiddos! Maybe the Mommies too with a bottle or 2 of wine.

Hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

It looks like your giving your kids a great time! You commented on my one entry and I totally revamped it and if you're curious as to why, it's all there. Just thought I should share since it was enough to make you comment.