Sunday, August 30, 2009

so, school has started and the kids have been out of my hair for a few days now... wait, that's not what school is about. let me start over.

so, school has begun!!! the kids packed up their new backpacks, put on their new shoes and headed off into the unknown. G has been very good about riding the bus, which is one less trip to the school each day since we have to take & pick up M from pre-school. apparently the bus is not an option for the 4 year old.
G has yet again had some trouble adjusting to the social environment that is public elementary school. he seems to have very limited social skills in this type of fend for yourself setting. i am having some trouble understanding what it is that he needs in order to thrive here. i know that attention is very high on his list of priorities. he seems to feed off of any attention that he can get. good, bad, he doesn't really care. and, unfortunately, he has become a pro at getting bad attention if he doesn't get the good attention right away. i guess it will be off to a counselor with him this year because i am running out of ideas at this point. on a good note, they have looked at his scores for math and reading and for his grade level he is in the 89th & 99th percentile. the gifted program starts in 3rd grade, so if we can manage to get his focus where it needs to be by next year, the teacher thinks he would be a good candidate for that.

M has surprised me. i wasn't so sure how she would do around other kids or adults because, let's face it, she has made herself the center of her daddy's world and has been staying home with him all day for the last 2 years. but, she is becoming quite the socialite in school and has been playing nicely with the other kids. she also seems to really like her teacher.

well, here's to hoping everything works out and we make it through the year. G has decided he would like to do cub scouts again this year which means busy times for me. i think i am going to look into another activity for him to do as well, the more stuff he is doing, the less time he has to get into trouble at home.


susie said...

Yes, more stuff for him to do. If you can find ice skating lessons or a beginning hockey league, I'll help and I think James and Solitare wanted to help too. That would really take some of the activeness out of him.

Gina said...

What preschool is M at? Sounds like G is showing lots of signs of GT behavior. Good luck this year, he'll do great!

Shamrockgirl said...

@ susie - i have talked to him and i think he wants to do swimming... i just need to start taking him again.

@ gina - M is at the preschool at the elementary school with G.

susie said...

ok, time for an update!