Saturday, January 30, 2010

i can't believe that january is almost over already. time is just flying by - a bit too fast for me. i get to be a den mother for G's wolf den. the person that was going to be the leader seems to have dissapeared without word and since he was the only other boy, i am officially in charge. we are going to try and get a couple more 2nd graders to join so he doesn't have to do it all alone though.

today they got to launch soda bottle rockets that they made. it was pretty fun. Here's a couple pictures from that. most everything else is the same - not a lot going on these days. i have quit the awesome guild that is Cadia and gone back to the old one. even though some of the people grind on my nerves, overall they are still fun to play with and i missed them. i was also finding it hard to keep up with the other raiding schedule since i have school age children and they raid on only school nights. >.> oh well, i guess it just wasn't meant to be.

slowly but surely i am working on cutting out most of the junk food that i consume. i have a pretty substantial goal on fitness and i am going to start working on that any day now. i have been working on getting some things around the house organized first though. sometimes i just feel so overwhelmed and can't seem to focus when i feel everything is out of order.

hope everything is well with you all in the new decade. here's to the next 11 months!

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