Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LFD and all of the joys it brings

So, like every blogger out there who talks about WoW at all on their blog has an opinion on LFD. Good, Bad, I have read it all. Some of the stories are horrifying and others are nice.

Overall, my own experience is not so bad. I have run into some "under-geared" players that have done exceptionally well. Was this because i looked at their gear and lowered my own expectation? Probably - at least partially. I think i look at my own skill level and what i was able to manage when i was geared similarly and i am often impressed with them. When i stop and think about it though, having one or two (or lets face it - three or four) "under-geared" players is not going to make the group fail. What matters is that everyone works together and no one does stupid stuff.

But my main issue with LFD is not the gear that others are wearing. I am doing fairly well gear-wise and can keep even the newest 80 tank alive as long as he has some idea of what he is doing. My issue is the attitude that people have. There seems to be this total disregard for common courtesy.

Some guildies and I were messing around and getting some of the heroic achievements for Glory of the Hero. We were all having a great time. One of us had to leave and no one else in the guild was wanting to do heroics so we queued up for the last spot. We got VH and one of the guys in the group didn't have the achievement for the voidwalker looking boss. We let the other guy know up front that if we happened to get that boss to just DPS the boss and not to do AOE. Then when we got the boss we reminded him "no AOE" and whaddya know the first thing he did was consecrate.


Of course - drama ensued. the guildies asked why he did AOE and that they were trying to get the achievement and instead of anything close to an apology (something along the lines of "my bad man, i forgot" would have been plenty) he decided to piss everyone off by saying "i don't give a F*** about your achievement, i am just here for my badges."

O.o (this was quite literally what my face must have looked like!)

Now, if it was a really difficult achievement to get and he was sure to die in the process, i may have understood not wanting to do it. but he wasn't the tank and it is a REALLY easy achievement. If the guys could have booted him right there - they would have. But coincidentally it worked out even better for them. They waited until they could boot him and did - just 2 pulls before the last boss. So he had to queue up again and wait for the DPS queue again for his precious frost badges.

Did i feel bad for kicking him? Maybe a little bit - but only because since the boss died so quickly that no adds died and the guildie got the achievement anyways. But his attitude after the fact quickly changed that.


susie said...

I can't believe that February is almost over and all you've posted about all month is LFD......


Shamrockgirl said...

I'm lazy, i know... i have been meaning to post something else, maybe i can get it up tonight...