Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween was actually a lot of fun! i got up just in time for dinner, and then i got to get the kids all dressed up and go out trick or treating. the weather was perfect, we didnt even need coats! for anyone who has ever gone trick or treating in colorado springs, you know that is awesome! G is 6 this year, but every halloween before this we have either had to go to the mall or bundle up because it is always cold, blowy, snowy, or anyother condition that makes walking around outside with small children absolutely miserable. it could be 110 degrees out the day before (not that it has actually ever done that before...) and it will snow on halloween. it seems the curse was broken this year though.

the kids looked so cute in their costumes though. if the tops look familiar, just look at the previous post. :) CJ would not keep his patch on, but he left everything else alone for once. this is a kid that will put on a hat just so he can take it off!

candy-wise, they did pretty good. we were only out for about an hour (despite the good weather, their legs still got tired). we got to see a fox run across a driveway and a buck walking down the sidewalk! strange stuff always seems to happen on halloween... when we got home, they had some candy and read "how i became a pirate" and then watched a movie. i hope next year is this nice.

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Solitare said...

I was amazed that there wasn't snow this year! I am glad you all had fun, the picture is adorable!