Friday, November 7, 2008

it has been a long week. i am pretty sure i haven't gotten anything done. i know i forgot to take G to his boy scout trip to the police station. i thought it was on thursday - turns out it was on tuesday. oops. i did manage to get to the polls on tuesday and i drug my hubby along. i am dissapointed in the most of the results, but we did have this crazy amendment on out ballot that got shut down! lol. i suppose if you make it out and voice your opinion, that is better then nothing. there are still places in the world that you can't even do that, so i guess we are lucky in that respect. other then that, i got nothing done. i will try to do better next week i guess.
i did make it to G's parent-teacher conference last week though and i got some good and some not so good news. he is in the 79th percentile for math for kids his age and the 98th for reading. that's pretty good considering they seem to have just started doing math this year. he is still being disruptive in class, though not as bad as last year. he's a pretty smart kid, so i'm sure he will bring up that math score soon.
i have finished the third quilt top, just one more and then i will start working on finishing them up. it has been fun to get these together after not doing any for so long. i am just glad that it seems to be a skill that is not easily forgotten. the next one is another "log cabin" variation. it is neat to see how the same pattern can turn out looking so many different ways. and it certainly makes it easy to cut the pieces - other then the middle squares, all i need are strips! i have been doing all the cutting at work, we aren't usually too busy at three in the morning. gotta do something to stay awake!
well, after all that, i guess i got a couple things done...

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