Sunday, November 16, 2008

what is it about food on a stick that is so appealing to children? is it the fact that their food now has a handle, so as not to further dirty those little fingers? this could be it, as we took the little monsters out to eat the other day and M had a corn dog and ate it right up. CJ had chicken fingers and he barely touched them until my dear hubby used the sticks from his own plate to give the chicken a handle. the chicken was gone shortly after that (even M ate one now that it had a stick in it!).
after some more thought on the food on a stick phenomenon, i actually think that even at their young age they have already figured out that all the good foods come on a stick. here are a few that i thought of:
  1. cotton candy
  2. lollipops
  3. popsicles
  4. corn dogs
  5. caramel apples
  6. candy apples

and for the adults who like to have a handle, the renaissance festival will serve you:

  1. steak on a stick &
  2. corn on the cob (on a stick)

as it turns out, people all over put all kinds of food on sticks. just a quick look on google and you can find pizza, cookies, fruit, a waffle dog (that looked pretty tasty...) and much more. it seems the fascination with the stick lasts much longer then i previously believed to be a fascination among children alone.


Solitare said...

Don't forget deep-fried Twinkies! Those come on a stick as well :) We found those in Vegas and they were quite tasty!

susie said...

Guess I'll have to put food on a stick when the kids come over. Thanks for the tip!